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The Latest News from Food & Nutrition Services

Dear TTUSD Families,
Spring is upon us and we are excited to have our salad bars filled with an increase of local produce varieties as the weather becomes warmer. Juicy fruits such as str awberries and delicious vegetables will be available to students from farmers within 200 miles of our district boundaries.

In March we are embracing and celebrating National Nutrition Month. The month kicked off with National School Breakfast Week on March 6-10. We encourage all of our students to start the morning off right by "breaking" the fast after a good night's rest! We offer school breakfast before school and during mid-morning breaks at all schools ex cept Truckee Elementary (breakfast before school only). Our breakfast entrees include fresh-made egg, cheese and sausage sandwiches and egg breakfast burritos. We also offer grab-and-go items like yogurt and a breakfast bar made with whole grains or whole grain cereal, which are both paired with fresh fruit and milk.

Happy Spring,

Kat Soltanmorad, RD
Director, Food & Nutrition Services

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